Do You Really Trust Your Husband to Lead You?

I’m taking my daughter shopping for pj's this week. She is going to her first sleepover!

Y'all my mama didn't play sleepovers.

I'm so nervous! But you betta trust that I would NEVA send my babies anywhere I didn’t have a sense of trust over.

I share this because my husband plays a big part in helping me to see things from a different hue. It made me start to think about how many of the Best Wives trust their hubbies to lead them?

Allow me to trust God by going a little bit deeper in sharing my background about this particular situation. I have experienced a few things in my childhood that a child should have never experienced. So, when it comes to my children I at times parenting from my past. It can be a good thing but sometimes it’s not always the best thing; and I know it because everyone is not my past. My husband's experiences as a child have been completely different. So at times, I will ask him...

“Rob, I'm I tripping?”

I listen to his point of view and I share my naked heart with him so that he can counsel me properly. I truly appreciate being able to have my husband’s feedback to help me grow in this area of my jaded past as a woman, a wife, and further more as a Christian.

So, I ask again, do you really trust your husband enough to lead you?

In what ways is your husband valuable to you as a wife?

Even if you are not in a good space in your marriage can you think of a good quality overall about your husband? Something that he has helped you see yourself differently to cause positive change? Even if it was in the beginning of your marriage is there one thing?

Best Wives, I would like to challenge you to share in detail with your husband your response to this question. Out of nowhere I challenge you to tell him thank you for it! Shoot him a text!

Best Wives, and if I can be so bold to dare the marriages that are not in a good place right now to share with your husband that memory you had about something your husband helped you see about yourself that helped you.


Best Wives, I am truly listening to Wisdom when I talk to you about “Wowing Jesus in our Marriages”. We are going to BE the mood of Thanksgiving by having our tables set in our marriages! Here’s the challenge…

“Wowing Jesus in our Marriages” Challenge!

“Wisdom has built her house; she has carved its seven columns. She has prepared a great banquet, mixed the wines and set the table.” Proverbs 9:1-2

Set the Table by making this a date, sis!

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Bring on the Main Course- Share with your husband the thing(s) where he has helped grow in your life in areas you may have had trust issues. If he hasn’t had that opportunity to do this in your life yet. Ask him what he thinks you could do in areas you have trust issues. Just listen to him. Take it to heart, keep it in prayer and try it!

Have Dessert- Best Wives, you already know! But just in case you don’t reread your Dinner Preparation and SERVE HIM UP something fierce with your new SOS lingerie piece, sis!!!

That Leftover Action- Invite, Invite, Invite other wives!!! You would be playing a huge part in strengthen Kingdom marriages by having a fun SOS private lingerie party!!! This will help give other wives access to the BEST WIVES CLUB and be encouraged in their marriages!


*****Disclaimers: I do NOT support domestic violence in any marriage!!! I pray that no BEST WIFE is experiencing anything this horrific! Wife you are more valuable than you know and if you are in a marriage like this I want to give resource for you to click to contact

Husbands: I am well aware that I have a few husbands that read my post. I want to say thank you! Thank you for taking a peek into the mind of us as wives. This challenge maybe a challenge you can step out and try with your wife, sir! Plus, for husbands that want their wives to have a great community of wives who are striving to be their BEST in Christ. Ask her if it is okay that she is on the SOS Best Wives Club email list. She can get on SOSBWC by clicking HERE!

SINGLES or who I call SOS Best Wives in Waiting stay connected sis! Stay open to learning about what marriage can be about. How can you really “count the cost” if your not hearing what marriage can be about? So yes, stay connected sis and invite others Wives in Waiting to be connected to the SOS Best Wives Club email list. Here’s my Linktree to share with them. Love you!!!