About Us

Hello, Best Wife! Welcome to Songs Of Solomon (SOS) Intimate Fantasy Apparel & the BEST WIVES CLUB! I can't tell you how honored I am to serve you and Christ by promoting fun in marriages! 

Mission Statement

My mission for Songs Of Solomon Intimate Fantasy Apparel & the BEST WIVES CLUB is to disrupt the sex industry by selling quality lingerie pieces & hosting SOS Showings from the perspective that God has created sex for the celebration of marriage. I also look forward to helping millions of wives learn through activities, events, Bible studies, and SOS Dinner Gathers that come from a Biblical worldview on how to put their expectations for their marriages in Christ as His bride...first! In turn, wives will properly love on their husbands as his BEST WIFE. 

The Idea of SOS Intimate Fantasy Apparel & BEST WIVES CLUB Came from Hearing About Sexless Christian Marriages.


My name is LaShunda McClain. I am a student of Christ, a wife, a mother of 5 children, a homeschooler (I've done online & traditional), a speaker, and an entrepreneur. 

The BEST WIVES CLUB is an idea I had in 2010 written in my journal. Two years into my marriage my hubby and I attended a Christian marriage group. In this group the wives were confessing that they weren't having sex with their husbands. This baffled me as a newlywed. The Lord placed on my heart at that time that wives just needed a refresher or maybe even some fun challenges to help them to be more open sexually with their husbands. 

Creating my SOS lingerie company came from my frustrations with pornographic imaging and the perversions introduced to the world about what sex, sexuality, and intimacy is all about! The last time I checked God created sex for marriage as a celebration. I also was very disappointed with the Body of Christ whom I'm a part of; with the lack of promoting healthy sex, sexuality and intimacy in marriages with the element of fun being important. I truly believe I am only as strong as the churches weakest link, so I decided to create! 

I am a married, Holy Ghost filled, mother of 5, and businesswomen who is convinced that the book of Song of Solomon wasn't just put in the Bible to be overlooked. That book is a story of two married freaks and not a mention of God's name once (yup, I said freaks, lol)! That book is such a beautiful expression of what God has given us as husbands and wives to live out in our marriages for His glory on earth. 

Songs Of Solomon Intimate Fantasy Apparel lingerie is just a fun way to express those intimate actions in God's Word.  

Isaiah 54:5

"For your Creator will be your Husband, the Lord of Heaven's Armies is His name! He is your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, the God of all the earth." 

In that same journal God was breaking my expectations down in my marriage of my husband. God helped me to see that He is the true King of my heart and the real Husband of my soul's voids. Sisters, He gave me Isaiah 54:5 (truly, the entire chapter) as the foundation to build my marriage from.

It has taken me years of God's continued healing of traumas, His confidence, His wisdom, me sharing in His frustrations of how the world has been depicting His gift of sex, sexuality, and intimacy for marriage and His timing to get to this place that I'm in for my marriage, business and ministry of the BEST WIVES CLUB.

I am so excited you have chosen to join the mission of wives who know we are only at our BEST in Christ!